Saturday, December 8, 2012

In Memory of Jan

A message from Crikey's Mom: On behalf of my dear friend Jan Struckhoff, I would like to thank everyone for the loving kindness you're showing to her family, friends and her beloved Sabrina, Sam and Simon.

I came across Jan's St. Louis Meezers blog several years ago and then decided to create a cat blog of my own (the former Tristan and Crikey are Living the Dream). Jan was my very first CB friend.
We commented back and forth for months and months until one day Jan asked me if she could call me. That's when our real friendship began.

Jan was kind, gentle and loving. She called me at work one day (she was crying) to let me know that Fat Eric had died. In fact, she called me often to discuss this cat and that cat. Jan loved cats! But more than that, Jan loved the blogger friends behind the cats.

I was beyond excited the day I met Jan in person. She had a smile from ear to ear and she let out a squeal when we ran to each other with a huge hug. We were so happy! I loved her and she always told me that she loved me when we ended our phone calls. She was genuine.

Recently, we had a conversation about how we missed being the active members we had once been on the CB (I had moved to a new home, and then started a new job. Jan had retired and moved to a new town and home, as well). We spoke of how we missed our CB friends and how we should start blogging again. Crikey's new blog and my commitment to blogging is in her honor.

Jan's service was held today. I listened as her family and friends told of her love, kindness and sense of humor. Jan was and is loved by so many. I'm heartbroken but yet I'm able to smile when I think of how I am so blessed to have had her in my life for the past few years.

Thank you to The Island Cats' Mom and to Ann from Zoolatry for jumping to the task of making this graphic for Jan's memorial. You are true friends. It was displayed as one of the photographs near where she rested. I know that Jan smiled down on you today.



  1. Thank you, Angela. Even though I never actually met Jan, I always thought of her as my friend. I will always remember her for her caring and kindness. She will be missed by so many.

    And it's nice to see you blogging again! I'm going to hold you to it, too!

    Island Cats' Mom Sue

    1. Jan was one-of-a-kind. And please do hold me to it!


  2. I pray for Jan, I pray for her family.

  3. We are still so sad, and purring for Jan and her family.

    We hope to see lots of blog posts from you in the future!

  4. You were blessed to have known Jan in person. We followed her blog and also got to know her better on Facebook. She was loved and will be missed by so many.

    I stopped by to say thank you for your kind words of sympathy in the loss of our Joey.

    We will follow your new blog too.

    cats of wildcat woods

  5. I am so sorry about your sweet friend Jan. I did not have the pleasure of knowing her. Will be praying for you and her family. Thank you for your kind words about my sweet Angel going to The Rainbow Bridge. We appreciate your purrs and prayers. We will be following your blog. We have our kitty blog (Mumsy's Kitty Korner) on Blogspot. Hugs and nose kisses for you and Crikey from me, Chancy, Pooh, Patches, Snookums and Baby Boy

  6. We are so sad about Jan. Mom enjoyed many emails and FB conversations with Jan about the Lake of the Ozarks since our Daddy's sister had a house there and Mom and Daddy had visited there many times.

    We're glad you back to blogging....we missed you!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Mom Sharon

  7. Thank you for stopping by our blog to leave kind words about Devon's passing.

  8. We found you again!! Teri was updating our blogroll and had to hunt down your new blog...Hallo again!